Common HVAC Installation Mistakes

Your HVAC system is a crucial part of your home comfort and when it comes to having a new system installed you are going to need professional installation done.  Even with professional installation there are still mistakes that get made.  Here are some of the more common HVAC installation mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Getting the Right Sized Furnace

When it comes to getting a new furnace size really does matter.  Your contractor will typically recommend the same sized furnace as you already have, assuming that it provides the right amount of heat and air flow.  That doesn’t mean that it is the right size for your home.  Check the square footage of your home and choose a new furnace based on that and not what you currently have installed.

Pay Attention to Safety

Modern furnaces are built differently and the backdrafting systems are different, if your contractor isn’t up to date they may not know how to install that particular model.  Your contractor needs to check the manufacturer specs and check the combustion safety of the system before installation.  All of the steps need to be followed including making sure there are no cracks in the piping, and making sure there is absolutely no carbon monoxide leaking from the system.  Carbon monoxide is deadly, so safety is crucial.

Not Using the Right Duct Size

Putting in the wrong sized duct work is a common issue when HVAC units are installed.  When you don’t have the right sized ducts the warm/cool air won’t flow properly this can make your furnace work too hard and overheat.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

Your HVAC system doesn’t just make the temperature in your home cooler or warmer it is also there to help with ventilation.  You need to keep your home properly ventilated for proper temperatures and air quality.

Verifying the HVAC Contractor Credentials

The best way to ensure that your HVAC system is properly installed is by hiring an HVAC contractor who knows what they are doing.  A reputable HVAC contractor doesn’t make avoidable mistakes and makes sure that your system has been put in correctly and it adheres to all manufacturer specs and safety standards.  To make sure you have a good contractor here are a couple of questions you can ask.

  • Does their staff have ongoing training on new systems?
  • Can they give you references?
  • How much experience do they have?

Getting your HVAC system properly installed isn’t just about having an efficient system although that is important, you also want to make sure that you and your family are safe.